Network-wide CDN

Dr Peng provides a network-wide CDN platform the optimizes data across the network and unifies management services.
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Features and Advantages


No Blind Spots

We utilize not only the mainstream CDN providers but also Dr Peng’s high quality CDN resources to cover all of your regions and network elements regardless of the operator.


Precise Scheduling

Complete reliability that you client requests will be handled timely and correctly.


Operational Excellence

The ability to handle local issues as well as network wide situations – all with the precision and timing that our clients demand.


Comprehensive Quality Control Systems

Visibility to the last mile with bug detection at a glance.

Peng Cloud CDN

Peng Cloud CDN leverages Dr Peng’s proprietary nationwide network of Hubs, Communities, Government & Enterprises groups, Colleges & Universities and Internet Cafes to provide CP/IDC clients with direct to user to CDN services.
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Features and Advantages


Precise Scheduling

100% accurate scheduling based on Dr. Peng’s own Ip database


Reduced Costs

Dr Peng’s Private Line services will save you on Internet bandwidth and other costs.


Flexible Construction & Expansion

Based on Dr. Peng’s extensive IDC resources clients enjoy the ability to expand CDN services quickly with guaranteed quality, lower costs and no middleman.

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