Peng Cloud Video Conferencing
Peng Cloud Video Conferencing is a cloud based distributed high-definition, real-time interactive and unified video communications platform based on Dr. Peng’s extensive network resources and technology. The proprietary video algorithms used allows for full HD clarity, and supports multiple network environments & multiple platforms. Since it is cloud based, it also eliminates the need for significant back office equipment while still being easily scalable.
Peng Cloud Video Conference

Core Advantages


Full HD

Internationally recognized video algorithm that provides smooth global HD video transmissions with minimal latency or tiling.


Ultra-Stable, Ultra-Secure

The service includes standard AES & SSL encryption transported over Dr Peng’s T4 data center and network infrastructure that is constantly monitored to maintain the highest levels of network security and reliability.


Flexible Architecture

With an open architecture in mind, the product supports multiple platforms & terminals while still providing easy scalability.


Easy to Use

Simple controls that allow for easy real-time scalability, and multi-party collaboration that is always available when the need arises.


Cost Effective Solution

The solution requires no back office equipment and can be scalable on demand.

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