PLCN Project
A Dr. Peng subsidiary, Pacific Light Data Communications, Co. Ltd (“PLDC”), allied with Google and Facebook to jointly build the world’s first undersea fiber optic cable from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. They gave it the name “Pacific Light Cable Network” or “PLCN for short. Planning started in late 2015 and it is designed to be 12,800 km long, consisting of 6 pairs of ultra-high capacity optical fibers, of which PLDC owns 4. The PLCN network boasts a technologically advanced, reliable communications platform.

Main Advantages


Longest Direct Cable Connection

With a total of 12,800 Km, it’s the first direct unbdesea cable network between Hong Kong & Los Angeles. This direct link connects international data centers in both cities and establishes Points of Presences (“PoP”).


Minimal Latency

By using optical fiber cabling, the network reduces latency almost completely. In addition, it bypasses high seismic areas near Taiwan & Japan in order to avoid risk of network interruptions.


Largest Capacity

The PLCN has the largest capacity in the Pacific Region. It is designed with the latest C + L Band ultra-long distance transmission technology which creates a transmission capacity of 100G per Lambda and 240 Lambda’s per optical fiber pair. As a result, the total capacity is up to 144Tbps.


World Renowned Partners

Along with Dr. Peng, this project also includes partners like Tesubcom (ranked #1 in the world), PCCW (responsible for the Hong Kong side) and Equinix (responsible for the US side).

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