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Dr. Peng's PLCN project receives MNR approvals


On the evening of June 24, Dr. Peng announced its subsidiary Pacific Light Data Communication Co., Ltd. (PLDC) had recently received from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China (MNR) the MNR Approval on Use of Sea for the China Part of PLCN (Z.R.Z.H. [2019] No. 329) and the MNR Approval on Construction of the China Part of PLCN (Z.R.Z.H. [2019] No. 333).

Project construction approvals all obtained

According to the announcement, the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) project received from the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) approvals on use of sea and construction of the China part:

The sea area involved in the PLCN China part project is located in the northeast of the South China Sea, covering an area of 99.3693 ha. (1490.5395 mu), use type being cable duct use, and use period being 25 years.

The route and construction program of the PLCN China part has been approved. The China part route is about 822km long, constructed by Submarine Communication Co., Ltd., KT Submarine, S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd., and communications limited liability company, Hong Kong Marine Contractors Limited. 

That means, the PLCN project under construction has acquired the last two approvals. The completion of all approval procedures required for the construction would certainly lay a foundation for successful implementation of the follow-up construction. The project is expected to be completed within the year of 2019.


New benchmark for cross-Pacific international submarine cables

PLCN, boasting advanced leading technology, high security and interconnection advantage, will become a new benchmark for cross-Pacific international submarine cables. 

Leading technology

PLCN is the first submarine cable using the C+L-band long-distance transmission technology, total designed system capacity currently ranking the top around the world. The single wave refers to 100G access, and it allows future upgrade and expansion to single-wave 200G or even 400G. 

High security

PLCN is a cross-Pacific submarine cable system linking from mainland China and Japan to the United States. It provides backup and protection route, featuring improved network security. And the route completely avoids the seismic zone off the coasts of Japan, thus greatly enhancing the network security. 


It opens a new route for data traffic of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and mainland China, connecting to the United States directly from Hong Kong, rather than by transfer from Japan or South Korea. And it can achieve convenient interconnection with other submarine cable systems in Hong Kong, thus accessing fast and easily to other regions. 

Potential customers of the project will mainly include telecom operators, multinational OTT enterprises, cloud service providers, data center service providers, Internet service providers and large multinational enterprises, etc. As of December 31, 2018, the PLCN project has received advance from customers amounting to US $37.1 million.

Within the next 3 years, PLCN is likely to become the sole international submarine cable that directly connects between Hong Kong and the US, and to meet the huge bandwidth demand of international communication between China's Hong Kong (and Southeast Asia) and America.