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Another breakthrough in transformation | Dr. Peng and China Telecom Shanghai allies to jointly run a new broadband service brand


On June 3, Dr. Peng and China Telecom Shanghai signed a business cooperation agreement in Shanghai, by which both parties shall leverage their advantages in product design, network capabilities, customer service, installation and maintenance capabilities, management institution and so on, to jointly design, build and operate a new broadband service brand, promote the development of broadband and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services in Shanghai, and to therefore achieve mutual benefits and win-win development in an open and cooperative manner.


The signing ceremony was jointly attended by Mr. Ma Yimin (GM, China Telecom Shanghai), Mr. Chen Zhihong (DGM, China Telecom Shanghai), Mr. Wang Haijian (CFO, China Telecom Shanghai), Mr. Cui Hang (GM, Dr. Peng), Mr. Lu Weituan (Executive DGM, Dr. Peng), Mr. Pan Dong (Executive DGM of Big Data, Dr. Peng), and some other executives of both companies. 

Complementary advantages to enhance user experience - another milestone breakthrough in transformation

China Telecom Shanghai is a major telecom carrier in Shanghai, boasting three-gigabit technology, network and product capabilities in “broadband + 5G + gigabit Wi-Fi”. As the largest listed private enterprise providing telecom value-added services in China, Dr. Peng has a certain user base in the home and business broadband market of Shanghai, primary businesses ranging from data center to cloud computing, communications and Internet services, and other Internet value-added services.

Mr. Ma Yimin, GM of China Telecom Shanghai, declared at the signing ceremony that the cooperation between both parties would give full play to the resource advantages of the state-owned enterprise and the institutional advantages of the private enterprise, to thus elevate residents’ sense of gain in access to the Internet in Shanghai, and to effectively drive the further enhancement of the city's information level.

Mr. Cui Hang, GM of Dr. Peng, admitted the cooperation with China Telecom Shanghai was an important step in Dr. Peng's strategic transformation, and another expansion after its campaign in Beijing. Dr. Peng embraces a positive attitude to cooperate with carriers, undertaking the marketing and installation services of carriers’ fixed-line broadband and mobile products; and based in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, it aims to build innovative and upgraded professional services on intelligent cloud-network synergy and integration in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, seizing the 5G opportunities to vigorously develop the 5G industry chain business.

Product + service integration and upgrade to open up broader space for cooperation

Mr. Lu Weituan, Executive DGM of Dr. Peng Group, said Dr. Peng and China Telecom Shanghai would work together to provide satisfactory products and services to users in Shanghai. Home-end users will have access to the quality of China Telecom, and the services of GWBN. Differentiated products and services are the aim of both to launch the new brand. And the intelligent cloud-network synergy and integration designed for business users will facilitate the comprehensive transformation and upgrade of business services.

The cooperation is deemed to be a solid start underlying the partnership between Dr. Peng and China Telecom Shanghai in further developing the Shanghai market. In the future, the two will continue to open up broader space for cooperation in many other areas, such as government and business services, offline channels, network resources, edge computing center, and 5G base station construction and maintenance in Shanghai.