Focus on What Matters with Our Eye Exams

Focus on What Matters with Our Eye Exams

Protect your vision health with regular checkups in Casper, WY

Even if you've never needed to wear glasses or contact lenses, regular eye exams are imperative to maintaining your vision health. Dr. Stickelberger can pinpoint early warning signs of vision deterioration and keep you informed of risk factors that may be harming your vision, such as eye strain from staring at a screen or not wearing sunglasses to protect from our suns UV rays.

Our vision may not stay 20/20 forever, many changes can happen as we age. To help monitor those changes, visit Dr. Stickelberger at Visions Plus in Casper. We can perform an eye exam and get you outfitted with a pair of stylish eyeglasses or contact lenses right in the office. Making sure you stay on top of your eye health can help ensure that you are seeing your best and that you aren't showing any early warning signs of disease or infection. Catching these signs early can make a big difference in the effectiveness of relevant treatments.

If you're ready to come in for a routine eye exam to ensure your eyes are in good condition, we can help! Call or visit the Visions Plus office in downtown Casper, WY today to protect your vision health! Schedule an exam with Dr. Stickelberger today by calling 307-235-2020.